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Here's the Scoop on the Latest Hair Trends

With trends always changing in the hair industry, it is hard for you to stay current. You want the latest looks that you see on Pinterest or online, so you take that image to your hairstylist only to learn that achieving that look is going to require multiple sessions, each lasting multiple hours and costing you an exorbitant amount of money. You may be thinking, “What? I just wanted to go blonde.” Do not worry. We want to help you and we know it’s hard to understand the new techniques and everything required to achieve them. Coming out of Covid, we are seeing many color corrections and big color transformations. These techniques are so much fun for the stylist and every stylist I know loves a dramatic change. Let’s break down some of the top trending techniques we are seeing.

The Platinum Card

This may sound like a special credit card, but it’s the name given to the hair technique where every piece of hair is foiled to achieve extreme blonding. If you are looking for a global high platinum look, the Platinum Card technique will allow you to reach your goal quicker. The Platinum Card gives the maximum amount of lift and control when working with hair banding or when needed to use different strengths of developer on different zones of the head. To put it simply, the Platinum Card is used to get even color results from the base of the head to the ends!

This look is flawless and beautiful, but it requires dedication. To keep this style looking its best, new growth must be touched up every four to five weeks or maybe sooner. If you wait longer than the suggested time frame, banding will occur, making it necessary to go through the Platinum Card service again which will take more time and money.

Bottom line—if this is the look your heart desires, go for it, but be aware of the maintenance and dedication it requires.

Color Blocking

Color Blocking is another hot trend. This technique involves coloring a section of hair in a contrasting shade, typically with a high fashion color or a solid blonde. The placement of the hair color can vary from a thick bang area, a split color, or in the nape area. Color Blocking allows you to get extremely creative. Whatever you imagine, your stylist can recreate!  

The steps to create these looks can vary greatly from one guest to another. If your hair needs to be lightened to achieve your desired look, your stylist will most likely follow the Platinum Card steps. The fashion color is applied after the area of hair has been lightened to the correct level. As you can imagine, this is a multiple-step service that can take time. Remember what we talked about earlier—maintenance and dedication? Color Blocking will also require a maintenance schedule and high dedication to your look.

Balayage, Foilayage, and Teasy Lights

Balayage, Foilayage and Teasy Lights are still hot in the salon. When Balayage first hit the scene, the result was less dramatic and more Sunkissed blonding. This option is still available and beautiful, but we are seeing an increase in requests for more intense lightening.

Balayage is a French word that means “sweeping”, as to sweep on hair lightener to create highlights. Balayage is the technique of free-hand painting highlights onto the hair, creating a soft and natural graduation of lightness towards the ends.

If you are looking for more intense lightening, your stylist may prefer to Foilayage. This is a painting technique done in foils that will mimic the look of balayage. When heat from the foils is involved, the hair can lift lighter than being painted on in open-air processing. Just remember to be patient for the brush-out process after shampooing.

Teasy Lights are a combination of balayage highlights and traditional foil highlights. The hair is teased before the stylist applies bleach in areas where the highlights are to be placed. This look creates a soft, blended transition between the roots and the highlights.

Pair any of these looks with a shadow root. The highlights give the lift, but the shadow root takes away any lines at the root, giving a flawless transformation between the colors. You can use so many combinations to achieve your look. Every head of hair is different, so every technique can be customized to achieve the guest’s desired look.

Important to Remember

Before you dive in to any of these looks, here’s what you should consider:

• Does your budget and schedule allow for the maintenance of these looks?
It is always important to discuss budget before the service begins. Many of these services may book by the hour, which can typically be anywhere from $75 to $100 an hour.

• How dark is your hair currently?
The darker your hair is to begin with, the longer the process will take to get you lighter. That equates to more cost.

• What color is currently on your hair?
Always be upfront with your stylist about any products or processes you have used previously as this will determine the outcome.

• Start with a consultation to discuss the look you desire.
Photos are a great resource to help the stylist better understand your hair goals. During the consultation, the stylist can examine your hair and give you a more realistic timeframe and an ideal budget.

• Follow the recommended home hair care.
During the consultation, the stylist will discuss the recommended home hair care. Do not be alarmed that the products they recommend are professional products. Stylists want you to protect your investment and professional products will do that for you.